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How to be an successful Investigator ?

An investigator is a professional researcher who uses observation, inquiry, examination, and experimentation to obtain evidence and factual information upon which sound decisions can be made. In order to achieve success as aninvestigator, certain basic guidelines must be observed.

The following characteristics, are the special qualities that will help one to become a successful investigator,such as suspicion, curiosity, observation, memory, persistence and capacity for hard work, resourcefulness, ability to obtain the cooperation of others, an unbiased and unprejudiced mind,and so on.
Ask questions repeatedly when seeking information. In general, this means repeated questions can reveal discrepancies, and following up on initial questions can get more detailed ones. You can never gather too much information. It is easy to exclude nonessential information later on.
Recognize that suspects, criminals, and other subjects of investigation come from all walks of life and are represented by all races, both sexes, and an endless variety of lifestyles.

When investigating the crime scene, do not commit yourself to the guilt or innocence of anyone at the scene whom you may question. Remember, your purpose is to gather facts; judgments will come later.

Be certain that you have collected all the information. Do not be too confident. Before you conclude the investigation, ask yourself, “Is there more information I should try to obtain? Have I ignored anything that could make a difference in the results of the investigation?”

Do not jump to conclusions.Never take things for granted — make no assumptions about how much information is needed before you begin searching. False assumptions often lead to the loss of valuable information and evidence.

Work with evidence you find at the site. Check all evidence carefully; pieces of paper, documents, tools, debris of cloth, or private goods belonging to a possible suspect or other person involved in the incident that you are investigating — any physical evidence can provide an important investigative lead.
Above all, remember that no one is required to give you information. Your own patience, tact, and determination will enable you to be successful in using people as sources.

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